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How to protect your business from scams and fraud

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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that business scams and fraud are on the rise in Australia. Scams and frauds can originate from anywhere, especially in the digital age we live in.

Here are our top 4 tips to protect your business.

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Tip 1 – Have two-factor verification on all your online accounts

This is where you are sent a code via email or text to access online accounts. It can help to prevent unauthorised access.

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Tip 2 – Use different passwords for different accounts

Many people use the same passwords for all their online accounts for convenience. Unfortunately, it’s convenient for hackers as well if they manage to get their hands on your password.

You can minimise your online risk if you have different passwords for different sites.


Tip 3 – Monitor your online accounts regularly

Always be on the lookout for suspicious activity or unauthorised access to your accounts.

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Tip 4 – Keep your security software up to date

Make sure you regularly run scans on your system to detect any issues where your system may have been compromised by hackers and scammers.

The bottom line

Cybersecurity is a crucial issue for most businesses these days. Make sure you take appropriate steps to ensure that all your business information is as secure as possible.

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How we can help

If you’d like to implement secure, cloud-based Xero bookkeeping software, our team at Scorpion bookkeeping can help you. We are a Xero-certified partner.

Xero software encrypts your important financial information and stores it securely so you can access it anywhere anytime. We provide cost-effective bookkeeping support services to a diverse range of clients in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out how we can help your business!

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