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How to get more online eyeballs on your small business

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More and more small businesses are reaping the benefits of getting online, but just setting up a website or social media site and hoping for the best isn’t enough. There’s a huge amount of competition for online eyeballs.

Here are our top tips to help you your small get business cut through the clutter and get noticed online!

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Tip 1: Develop an SEO strategy

Think of the search terms people would most likely use when searching for your business and make sure you use those terms in your website content.

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Tip 2: Set up online business directory listings

For example, having Google My Business and Yellow Online listings will give your business SEO credibility. Both are free and easy to set up.

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Tip 3: Get your business on social media

People spend a lot of time on popular social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They can help you to build your brand if you pots interesting content that people engage with. Engaging means liking, sharing or commenting on your content.

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Tip 4: Ask for online reviews

This is the modern form of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. Consumers are increasingly putting weight on online reviews. The more positive online reviews you have, the better. They can also help with your SEO.

On the flip side, if you happen to get any negative reviews, respond politely and promptly. Don’t be tempted to lash out at the reviewer. That approach is likely to do your business more harm than good.

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