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3 tips for digitally transforming your business

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Transform your business

COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to digital for many businesses. Moving your business online as much as possible can help you to navigate these uncertain times. Here are our top 3 tips for digitally transforming your business.

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Digital Tools

1. Choose the right digital tools

Choosing the right digital tools when you go online is crucial. Bookkeeping software (like Xero) can help your business run smoothly online by allowing you to:

  • keep all your financial records up to date.

  • set up an electronic payment system.

  • automatically invoice your customers and send payment reminders.

  • manage your stock.

  • pay any staff you have (including the compulsory super guarantee).

  • pay your bills.

  • prepare your BAS statements.

  • monitor your cash flow.

  • send quotes.

  • send purchase orders.

  • track the time you’re spending on jobs.

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Protect your Systems

2. Protect yourself from cyber threats

There are several simple ways you can protect yourself from cyberthreats online, including:

  • regularly backing up your digital files.

  • storing your information in ‘the cloud’.

  • making sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed.

  • having passwords in place to access your business information.

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3. Be legally compliant

Make sure that you comply with any relevant legislation such as:

  • privacy laws which outline how to deal with any personal information provided by your customers.

  • direct marketing laws such as the Spam Act which regulates the sending of unsolicited marketing emails.

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We support you

How we can help

At Scorpion Bookkeeping, we can help you to implement Xero bookkeeping software to help you digitally transform your business. We are a Xero-certified partner and we can also provide you with bookkeeping support services. We currently provide these services to a diverse range of clients in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out how we can help your business!

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